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Academic secretary

Abdullayev Khagani Imran graduated  with honors on radio engineering from Azerbaijan Technical University in 1983. He began his career as an engineer at the Space Researches and Science-Production Association and then he worked as a leading engineer, first-class engineer-constructor, leading designer. He worked as a senior teacher at the chair of Television and radio systems of Azerbaijan Technical University in 1994-1999. He became a senior teacher at the chair of Aviation radio engineering and electronics (present Radioelectronics) of NAA in 1999. At the present, he is the professor of the same chair. He was appointed as the head of the department of Postgraduate in NAA in 2005. Since 2010, he has been a scientific secretary of NAA, and he is also the head of the graduate and doctorate department of NAA. He obtained scientific degree of the technique doctorate of philosophy disciplines from 05.12.04 – “Radio engineering, radionavigation, radiolocation and television systems and devices” ‘s speciality in 2005 and he received the title of docent in 2009. He obtained scientific degree of the doctor of sciences on technical sciences from 3361.01 – “Solid object electronics, radioelectronic components, micro and nanoelectronics” and 3311.02 – “Equipments and methods of controlling the environment, substances, materials and products” ‘s speciality in 2018. He is the author of more than 60 scientific jobs, 7 textbooks and 2 methodical textbook. He has been responsible executor for many scientific research and experimental design jobs. He is a member of the working group of Cosmic Affairs Council. He was awarded the honorary title “Distinguished teacher” by the President of the Azerbaijan Republic on  May 31, 2018 by the Decree.

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