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Arif Mir Jalal oglu Pashayev was born on February 15, 1934 in Baku. He graduated from Odessa Electro Technical Institute of Communication on “Radio communication and broadcasting” specialty in 1957.

He started his scientific career at the Institute of Physics of ANAS in 1959. For that period semiconductors physics penetrated into many parts of science and techniques.

Perspectives of semiconductors, rapid development and innovation turned this field into the main part of A.M. Pashayev’s scientific researches.

He devoted more than 40 years of his life to the development and research of scientific bases of measuring methods of parameters of electromagnetic control physics and semiconductors.  A.M.Pashayev is considered to be the founder of physical basis of contactless researches of materials in the field of high and ultra high frequencies.

Outstanding scientist was a postgraduate student at “GIREDMET” Institute in Moscow, in 1960- 1964. In 1965 he defended his candidate thesis on “Exploitation of contactless methods and devices for measurements of semiconductors’ parameters at high and ultra-high frequencies”.

The main part of A.M.Pashayev’s applied researches was directed to the creation of new equipments and perfection of old ones and creation of new measuring methods of different physical quantities.

In 1969 A.M.Pashayev directed his scientific activity to the creation of microelectronic conductors in the field of microelectronics. The scientific researches and works in this direction created a new direction in microelectronic conductors’ field of non-electric quantities.

Prosperously continuing his scientific researches, the scientist successfully defended his doctoral thesis on “Physical grounds, development principles and application perspectives of non-destructive methods in semi-conductors” and received the scientific degree of DR. of physical-mathematical sciences.

A.M.Pashayev became the founder of a new kind of integral temperature, Pressure, moisture, power, acceleration and vibration conductors which is widely applied in shipbuilding, petrol machinery, medicine, defense industry and other fields.

The telemetric, multifunctional, hidroacustic complex devices intended for control and research of submarine objects. Arif Pashayev was awarded with State Prize of Azerbaijan” for his complex works in the field of creating “Autonoum hidroacustic information systems”, in 1991.

The results of scientific researches on microelectron conductors were published in two monographs: “Microelectron converters of solids of non electronic quantities” (1998) and “Solids microelectron magnet-electric and wet electric converters” (1999).

Lots of equipments and devices invented by A.M.Pashayev were widely used in various industrial enterprises of Soviet Union and awarded with gold, silver, bronze medals in different local and international competitions.

From 1971 – till 1996 laboratory of “Physical methods of contactless measuring and physical control methods of the Institute of Physics of ANAS had its bright development years under A.Pashayev’s leading. By taking active part in definition of scientific directions of the Institute of physics he proved that he is both a great scientist and organizer.

Since 1996 A.M.Pashayev has been leading National Aviation Academy of “AZAL” CJSC.

Under his leading the Academy started a new stage of development. A.Pashayev paid special attention to the organization of education process and scientific research works on modern standards.

Scientific-Production Unity of Joining Scientific –Research Institute, Construction Bureau and Experimental Trial Production was established on the base of Institute of Scientific – Research Transport and Airspace Problems.

The periodic scientific seminars and conferences help to define the necessity of importance and usefulness of led research works in aviation.

For the first time in Azerbaijan A.M.Pashayev established a higher education Institute meeting the modern world standards.

The rapid development and achieved results of NAA were highly appreciated by world’s different leading organizations. International awards “European quality” and “The best organization of Europe” are the evidences of MAA’s successful services meeting the European standards.

According to the decree of Interstates Aviation Committee National Aviation Academy was awarded with certificate of “Civil Aviation higher academic” institutions included into the list of higher academic institutions of international Civil aviation Organization, and was elected the active member of European Universities Association.

Academician A.M. Pashayev headed the organization and realization of Program on “Development of Science and Education at National Aviation Academy in 2003-2010”. The program intended to finish the construction of Academy Settlement, supply of education buildings with modern equipments and inventories; organization of new specialties; intensiveness of preparation of highly qualified specialists, future development of scientific works and research in the field of aviation.

Full member of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) and several International Academies Arif Pashayev was awarded with State Prize of the Republic of Azerbaijan, medal of “USSR Inventor”, medal named after Academician Yusif Mammadaliyev and golden medal of the English International Biography Center for his achievements in physics.

He is the head of specialized dissertation Council under National Aviation Academy, and a member of Coordination Council on Preparation of Aviation Specialists under the Interstates Aviation Committee.

Arif Pashayev is a Honorary doctor of Ukraine National Aviation University, Georgia Aviation University, Odessa National Communication Academy named after A.S.Popov, Honorary professor of Vienna International University, and honorary member of Ukraine Azerbaijanis Congress.

Besides, he is vice-president of Azerbaijan Engineering Academy founded in 2005, and president of Social Unity “Scientific defined Innovation Association” founded in 2009.

In addition, together with Russian and Georgian scientists he is the author of scientific inventions. For his invention A.Pashayev was awarded with special diploma № 340 and Golden Medal named after P.L.Kapitsa – Nobel Laureate on Physics.

For his successful services on strengthening International Relations, Arif Pashayev was awarded with “Honour and Dignity” Golden Medal by the International Committee on Human Rights Defence.

Outstanding scientist is the author of more than 400 scientific works, more than 30 books, and more than 30 books, and more than 60 certificates for authorship for inventions. President of Azerbaijan Republic awarded him with “Shohrat” and “Sharaf” ordens for his great services in the development of Azerbaijani science and education.

A great representative of Azerbaijani science was also awarded with degree of “Honorary Scientific Employee” and “Golden Medal” of the Intellectual Property Organization and Golden Medal of International Engineering Academy.

The chief of Interstates Aviation Committee Tatiana Anodina awarded Arif Pashayev with Golden Medal for his “Exemplary organization of the education process and special services in preparation of highly specialized aviation specialists”, on February 29, 2008.

In 2009 rector of NAA, academician Arif Pashayev was awarded with Diploma of International Award Laureate of the International Engineering Academy and big Golden Medal.

 For his care and attention to the students of NAA A.Pashayev was nominated “The most active rector of the Year” honorary diploma by Youth and Sports Head Office of Baku in 2010.

Arif Pashayev became the chief of the Council of Space problems which was established according to Ilham Aliyev’s – the President of AR 03.05.2010 dated and 885 numbered Decree on “Establishement of “Azerkosmos” OJSA and 05 July 2010 dated 06 numbered degree of the colloquium under the Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies of AR with the aim of fulfilling the 6th item of Presiedent’s Order.

Regular innovations, direct control of education quality, kind scientific pedagogical environment at NAA, invitation of highly qualified specialists to NAA, leadership of several scientific-practical conferences one more time proves his high scientific potential and organization ability.

According to the order of the President of Azerbaijan Republic Arif M.Pashayev was awarded with the order of “Istiglal” (“Independence”) for his scientific activity and development of education in 2014.

For his great contributions to the development of science and techniques and strengthening of the International cooperation Arif Pashayev was elected the academician of Ukrainian Engineering Academy, and honored with “Honor of Engineering” order of the Academy.

In 2014 – Academician Arif Pashayev was elected the full member of the Engineering Academy of Russia.

In 2014 – Academician Arif Pashayev was the Laureate of the II Republic Competition on inventions.


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