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Department of Education Organization and Scientific Cadres’s preparation

Management of teaching organization and scientific personnel training

Management of teaching organization and scientific personnel training is a structural section of the National Aviation Academy. This management accomplishes planning,improvement and supervision of the all types of educational and teaching-methodical works on the accomplish of basic curricula – higher vocational education (bachelor), scientific and pedagogical education (magistracy) and scientific education (doctorate) programs in accordance with the license giving the right to carry out educational activities.

This management includes 2 departments:

Educational-methodical department

Department of Masters and PhD


Mustafayev Mustafa – a Head of Management, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor Mustafayev Mustafa Rahim – a Head of the Management of teaching organization and scientific personnel training, was born on  May 3, in 1948. He graduated on the specialty “Machinery and Apparatus of Food Industry” from Mechanical faculty of the Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute (present Azerbaijan Technical University) in 1970. He worked as an engineer, senior engineer at the Republican tobacco industry union in 1970-1973. He studied postgraduate on the specialty “Theoretical bases of heating technology” at the Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute  in 1973-1976. He worked as a great leading engineer at the ministry of Food Industry and as a director at the scientific research laboratory under the ministry in 1977-1982. Since 1982, he worked as an assistant, senior lecturer, docent in the chair of “Engineering Graphics” of Azerbaijan Technical University and worked as the head of the chair in 2002-2011. M.R.Mustafayev defended his candidate’s dissertation on “Theoretical foundations of heating technology” in 1979, and his doctoral dissertation on “Heat and physical properties of perforated carbons and preparing the apparatus for their measurement” in 1999. He is the author of more than 120 scientific articles, 2 monographs, 6 manuals and textbooks. His scientific articles are mainly published in the “High Temperature Thermal Physics” magazine of the Russian Academy of Sciences (this magazine is translated in English and spreads to all developed countries of the world). His textbook about “Descriptive geometry” was awarded with the “Humay-2004” National Award. He has a special contribution to the creation of the teaching methodological basis of the “Machine Graphics” subject in the Republic. He is the author of 2 textbooks in this branch. M. R. Mustafayev actively participates in the development of young scientists. He is a member of the expert council of the High Attestation Commission.

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