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Academic Services Office

The main functions of the Academic Services Office are:

  • Preparation of materials for licensing, certification, accreditation procedures of separate educational programs and academy;
  • collection, processing, storage and application of state educational standards on specialties and training, controlling over the changes in standards and timely delivery of these changes to faculty deans, heads of chairs;
  • directing and supervising of the faculties activities related to licensing and accreditation of basic curricula on specialty and training;
  • Control to the compliance with state educational standards of prepared the main curricula of specialties and training directions by the faculties of NAA;
  • control over the quality of training of graduates on the academic programs carried out in the Academy in accordance with state educational standards;
  • systematizing and summarizing of the the preparation’s analysis results of the NAA’s (National Aviation Academy) graduates within the information-methodological accompaniment of the state accreditation procedure;
  • Developing proposals on the structure, volume and procedure of the teaching of humanitarian, professional speciality subjects for the purpose of creating common requirements for students’ preparational level;
  • coordination of NAA’s educational activities (faculties, chairs) in accordance with the documents on the organization of the educational process;
  • Collection and analysis of information about planned workload of full time, part time and substitute teachers at NAA;
  • calculating the needs of faculties to the auditorium fund if there is a need for the distribution of the auditoriums of the faculties;
  • preparation of normative documents on the organization of educational and methodical works;
  • Overseeing to the provision of the teaching process with methodological complexes on implemented teaching programs by NAA;
  • Coordination of the work of the faculties on the acceptance and evaluation of teaching technologies effectiveness of NAA;
  • Establishing of perspective and existing plans on the NAA’s basic performance indicators for the next calendar year;
  • Preparation of plans, programs and reports about the achieving targets on the basic performance of the academy indicators for the calendar year.

Contact phones:

Tel. (+994 12) 497 26 29;   (+994 12) 497 26 00 (24-16);