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Aviamodelism association


The Aviamodelism Association has been operating since 2011 as  Aviation Laboratory.


The laboratory is led by Alexander Sviridov and Vladimir Shevchuk.


The aim of the Aviamodel Laboratory is to provide students with theoretical and practical knowledge of design and preparation of heavy airplane equipment. Students working in this lab also learn the theory and practice of aircraft flying models, as well as design and control their models. The aerodynamic laboratory’s plan includes aerodynamics of corded, radio-controlled and unmanned airplanes, practical modeling and training habits of these models.


In December 2011, the first crews of internal combustion corded models were built by the students.


The NAA students are expected to take part in various types of aviation competitions, as well as participate in the Republican Championships of the Academy team on aviation.


Contact phone: (+994 55) 784 94 79