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Vice rector on Academic Affairs

Vice-rector for Academic affairs – Samedov Adalat Soltan is a doctor of technical sciences (2013), professor, specialist on the design and operation of aircraft and aviation engines. He graduated from the Moscow Higher Technical School named after N.Bauman (1987). He worked as the head of the production area at the Cosmic Instrumentation Practice Factory of the Azerbaijan National Aerospace Agency in 1987-1996. He worked as a teacher at the National Aviation Academy (NAA) (1993-1999), a head of the “Design and operation of aircraft and aviation engines” chair (1999-2003), a dean of the faculty of “Flight-technical operation of air transport” (2003-2010).

Since 2010, he has been working as a vice-rector for Academic affairs of NAA.

He is the author more than 60 scientific articles (more than 30 of which were published in foreign scientific-technical publications), 6 textbooks on modeling of gas dynamics and heat exchange in the power devices and systems of the aircraft by applying the fundamental knowledge and latest achievements of thermal physics,fluid and gas mechanics.

A.Samedov is a corresponding member of the International Engineering Academy, a member of the D 06.001 dissertation council at NAA, a chairman of the Scientific-methodical council of NAA, a member of the editorial staff of the NAA’s “Scientific Works” collection. He has an important role in the development of national cadres in the aviation. Samadov Adalat was awarded with the jubilee medal “75th Anniversary of Civil Aviation of the Azerbaijan Republic (1938-2013)” for long-term flawless and efficient activity in the civil aviation field. He was awarded the “Taraggi Medal” (“Progress” medal) by the President of the Azerbaijan Republic on May 29, 2013 by the Decree. He was awarded with honorary title “Honored Teacher” by the President of the Azerbaijan Republic by May 31, 2018, Decree.

Contact phone: (+994 12) 497 28 38;   (+994 12) 497 26 00 (21-53);

E-mail: samedov@naa.edu.az