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Vice rector on Public Relations

Shamsaddin Ashraf oglu Ahundov who is a Vice-Rector for Public Relations  – graduated from the Azerbaijan State University on journalism specialty in 1956. He worked as a Methodist-Inspector, a Senior Methodist, a Department Manager at the Ministry of Culture (1956-1965). He has been a responsible secretary, a chairman at the Republican Committee of Colleagues Union of Cultural Workers (1965-1969), worked as a head of the department at the Azerbaijan Colleagues Unions Council (1969-1981). He worked as a deputy of the director on scientific affairs at the Republican Library named after M. Akhundov in 1981-1987. He worked as a head of the administration of cultural-educational institutions, a head of the head administration of cultural-educational, library and museum affairs at the Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan in1988-2001. Since 1991, he has worked as a deputy of minister and has also been a staff member of the Ministry of Culture by decision of the Council of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic. He retired based on the state service since 2001. He was awarded with the Orders of the “Honor Badge” and “Red Labour Flag”, the medals of “For Labour Bravery”, “For Labour Valour”, “For Long-Term Labour”, the Gold Medal of “USSR People’s Economy Achievements Exhibition”, the medals of  “Excellent Culture Worker” and “100 years” of the Colleagues Unions Confederacy of Azerbaijan. He was awarded the honorary title “worker of the Honored Culture” with the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan USSR in 1978. He has been the director of the “Museum of Aviation History” created at the National Aviation Academy in 2005-2011.

Contact tel: (+ 994 12) 497 28 13;   497 26 00 (20-67);  mob. (+994 50) 212 94 96

E-mail: sh.axundov@naa.edu.az