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Collection “Scientific works”

The collection “Scientific Works of the National Aviation Academy” has been published since 1999, with a frequency of 2 times a year. Since January 28, 2004, it has been included in the register of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic of Azerbaijan (No. 52). It has international registration İSSN 2071-1247.

For authors’ attention 

  1. The Collection of “Scientific works of National Academy of Aviation” receives articles for publication on a wide spectrum of scientific – technical, economical, humanitarian problems connected with aviation.
  2. Articles can be presented in Azerbaijan, Russian and English languages.
  3. Articles are received in computer typed form, printed by one interval in A5 format with the signature of authors in two duplicates.
  4. Size of the text of an article must be appropriate to following requirements: 2 sm indention at the top, bottom, left and right edgesof the sheet.
  5. Articles are received in text editing Word for Windows (Times New Roman, 12 pt) on a disk in a file form.
  6. Requirements to presented articles: article name; the text of the publication with schedules, tables, drawings; the summary on Azerbaijan, Russian and English languages; information about the authorwith the surname, first name, middle initial, address, phone number, place of work, position,scientific degree, the number of scientific papers, the range of interest and photo (3×4),.
  7. Presented tables, draughts and graphics have to be numbered, entitled and printed clearly on separate sheets: sizes of graphics not more than 10 x 14cm, coordinate axis have to be printed clearly and have minimum numbers.
  8. Capacity of the presented article doesn’t have to be more than 10 (for review articles 20) pages.
  9. Annotation must be typed in two languages on separate sheets, size not more than 10 lines by 1 interval.
  10. Materialssubmittedfor publicationby the decision ofthe Editorial
  11. Materials of not published articles are not returned to their authors.


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