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Student youth organization


The Student Youth Organization of the National Aviation Academy was established in 2005. The main objective of the organization is to represent and defend the interests of students and each student separately in the direction of implementation of the state youth policy, to ensure their active participation in the social, cultural, social and economic life of the republic. The main activities of this organization are: organizing scientific conferences, competitions, olympiads, scientific-entertaining games, seminars, round tables, training courses and other events to encourage students to education and research, increase student activity in public life of educational institutions, promoting student-youth cooperation, protecting students ‘rights, promoting human values ​​among student youth, increasing their role in the development of civil society, organizing cultural events in order to achieve students’ leisure time and propagandize against negative habits among students.


TGT operates independently and has done a great job in solving problems and protecting students’ rights.


During 2009-2010, TGT established the Academy’s current press body, the Young Aviator student newspaper,has always been an active participant in the festivals and has gained leading positions   in many youth intellectual competitions (“What? Where? When?”), artistic-creative and Painting-poster competitions, festivals and has gained leading positions and has organized literary and artistic compositions and cultural events on the history of our Republic. At the same time, TGT has also been active in participating scientific-practical conferences in a number of higher education institutions. Participation of NAA students at Baku Slavic University every year at scientific-practical conferences related to World Solidarity Day of Azerbaijanis should be emphasized as well. The Student Youth Organization of the Academy was named the most active TGT by the Baku City Youth and Sports Headquarters for 2010.