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Scientific consultant

Roald Zinnurovich Sagdeev was born on December 26, 1932 in Moscow. He entered the Moscow State University in 1955.

He worked at the Atomic Energy Institute named after I.V.Kurchatov in 1956 -1961, worked at the Nuclear Physics Institute of the Siberian Section of the USSR Academy of Sciences in 1961-1970.

From 1973 to 1988, R.Z.Sagdeev was the director of the Space Researchs Institute of  the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, and later became the head of the Scientific-methodical analytical researches center of that Institute.

Roald Sagdeev was elected a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in 1964, and an academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 1968.

  1. Z. Sagdeev is also an external member of the US National Academy (1987), Swedish King Academy of Sciences (1987), Academy of Sciences of Developing Countries (1987), Max Planck Society (AFR, 1975), American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Vatican Academy of Sciences, Tatarstan Academy of Sciences, Academy of Sciences of the Czechoslovakian, Academy of Sciences of Hungary and he is a Honorary Doctor of a number of US, European and Asian universities.

Roald Sagdeev lived in the United States from 1990 to 2016, he was a professor of the University of Maryland and a director of the “East-West” Center of Maryland state. He is a member of the Observation Council of the International Luxembourg Forum on prevention of Nuclear Disasters.

Academician Roald Sagdeev has been living and working in Azerbaijan since 2016. He works as a co-chair of the Council on Cosmic Affairs under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic, a Scientific Advisor on aerospace affairs at the National Aviation Academy and a Professor of ADA University.

The scientific works on plasma physics (pulse waves, relocation processes, unstablity), the problem of controlled thermo-nuclear synthesis, space physics belong to the academician Roald Sagdeev.

Awards and titles

  • Hero of Socialist Labour (1986)
  • Lenin Prize Laureate for Plasma Physics (1984)
  • The two Lenin Order, the October Revolutionary Order and the Red Labour Flag Order.
  • The man of the Year (France, 1988)
  • Tate Medal (American Institute of Physics, 1992)
  • Ettore Majorana Award (Italy, 1993)
  • Leo Silard Award (US Physic Society, 1995)
  • Maxwell Award (US Physic Society, 2001)
  • Karl Sagan Memorial Prize (American Astronautics Society, 2003)
  • Order “For the services to the Republic of Tatarstan” (2013)

The academician Roald Sagdeev was awarded with the  “Friendship” Order for his special services in the strengthening of international scientific relations of the Azerbaijan Republic with the Decree dated  December 18, 2012 of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic.