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Azerbaijan Civil Aviation Museum

Mülki Aviasiya Muzeyi

About Civil Aviation Museum


The Azerbaijan Civil Aviation Museum, operating under the National Aviation Academy, is a sacred hearth of demonstration, protection,and promotion of exhibits reflecting the past and present of our civil aviation.


         The necessity of investigating and propagating the history of civil aviation in Azerbaijan has created the basis for the establishment of the Azerbaijan Civil Aviation Museum. In April 2005, a decision was made by Azerbaijan Airways State Concern to establish the Azerbaijan Civil Aviation Museum.


         The Azerbaijan Civil Aviation Museum has established its own principle of the museums in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On museums”, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan entitled “Guidelines for the registration and preservation of museum funds and museum collections of the Republic of Azerbaijan” and other state documents.


The structure of the museum


The Civil Aviation Museum is located on the ground floor of the four-storey building located on the territory of the National Aviation Academy.


Its area is 254.88 cubic meters.


The museum consists of stock and exposition departments.


In our Foundation


  The Department of the museum carries out the function of collecting, preserving and keeping records of museum items.


Copies of photographs films, fine art samples etc., such as visual aids, newspaper materials, manuscripts, decrees and orders, which are necessary for the study of the past and present of Azerbaijan civil aviation in the museum are being collected. Their total number is over 9,000.


         These materials include the National Archive Office of Azerbaijan, the Archive of Political Parties and Public Movements, the Azerbaijan History Museum, the State Cinema and Photographic Documents Archive, the Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences, the Azerbaijan State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, M.F. National Library named after Akhundov, “Azerbaijan Airlines” Closed Joint-Stock Company, Embassy of Azerbaijan in Belarus and other sources. At the same time, many members of the family of flight attendants who have been working on the foundation and development of civil aviation of Azerbaijan have given memorial gifts to the museum.

Head of the Museum

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The exposition of the museum is based on 10 sections of historical chronology. Each of these sections, starting with the first steps taken for the establishment of civil aviation in Azerbaijan, illuminates all the historic paths of rapid development that have taken place till today during the restoration of our independence.


         In our exposition ,the first flight in Baku in 1910, the construction of the first airport, the establishment of the Baku Maritime Aviation Officer School in 1915, the first airport in 1931-33, the first organization of independent civil aviation in Azerbaijan on June 2, 1938, activity of Yevlakh, Zabrat aviation enterprises, etc. historical moments have been highlighted.


         Materials about Teymur Mustafayev, Ivan Bandzo, Arkadi Ramanov, Abulfaz Guliyev, Nuraddin Aliyev, Yusif Guliyev, Viktor Iskenderov, Leyla Mammadbeyova, Sona Nuriyeva and Züleykha Seyidmammadova and others take part in our exposition. Besides, the exposition of the museum displays written and photographic materials reflecting the development of modern civil aviation of Azerbaijan,  true architect to what is national leader Heydar Aliyev. Detailed information about the reconstruction of the Baku International Airport, the launch of the new passenger terminal, the first aircraft belonging to the Boeing family, and other work carried out as a result of Heydar Aliyev’s wise economic policy as part of the 1998-2003 program for the development of civil aviation in Azerbaijan is provided.


         Also, our work is based on the programs implemented under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev (since 2003) to develop civil aviation in our country – including the expansion of new international airports, administrative buildings, opening strips and air fleet parks. Photographs, orders, decisions affecting the development of our civil aviation are being displayed.


The exposition of the Azerbaijan Civil Aviation Museum opened its doors to the audience on 29 February 2008. From the day the exposition started its activity, the museum began attracting viewers and organizing excursions. To expand the spectrum of its audience, the museum is exclusively involved with the involvement of students and teachers of the National Aviation Academy in the museum, and contracts with the secondary and higher educational institutions of the republic to make excursions for the history of our aviation.


    One of the main propaganda tools of the Civil Aviation Museum is lectures. The museum staff also lectures at museums and in-museum educational institutions. Lectures on topics suh as history, modern development of civil aviation in Azerbaijan, projects implemented in our aviation during the leadership of great leader Heydar Aliyev, our first female pilots, Karabakh warriors, glorious pages of our history, bloody days and so on take a special place in the events we organize to raise the patriotic feelings of the younger generation.

Off-museum lectures

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