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IATA İnstitutu haqqında

We are the Authorized Training Center of IATA in Azerbaijan since October 7, 2013. This status gives us the right to offer courses developed by IATA in Azerbaijan, Russian and English languages, involving highly qualified instructors, tested and approved in IATA.

IATA Training Programme

Training materials and examinations are written in English, but training based on the category of staff is conducted in the preferred language, which helps to learn the course materials and successfully pass the examination. You can study independently or under the guidance of an instructor, but most importantly, as result, you can get an internationally recognized Diploma!

IATA courses are divided into the following thematic areas:

  1. Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Air
  2. IATA Cargo Introductory
  3. Aviation Security Awareness
  4. Live Animals Regulations
  5. Supply Chain Management
  6. Advanced Cargo Rating and Marketing
  7. Cabin Crew Training
  8. Passenger Ground Service

More than 1500 specialists have already been trained at our IATA Institute during its validity period and have received the relevant certificates.

The IATA Institution provides a classroom for training, a briefing room for consulting and a coffee break room for rest. The courses are held at the National Aviation Academy on a pre-determined schedule and after delivered course the attendants pass the exam. Based on the results of the exam, students receive the appropriate certificates.

Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Air

All categories of dangerous goods are delivered at the IATA Institution. They are listed in the following Table 1.5.A, implemented for employees.



  1. Shippers and persons undertaking the responsibilities of shippers’, including operator’s staff acting as shippers, operator’s staff preparing dangerous goods as Company Materials (COMAT)
  2. Packers
  3. Staff of freight forwarders involved in processing dangerous goods
  4. Staff of freight forwarder involved in processing cargo or mail (other than dangerous goods)
  5. Staff of freight forwarder involved in the handling storage and loading of cargo or mail
  6. Operator’s and ground handing agent’s staff accepting dangerous goods
  7. Operator’s and ground handing agent’s staff accepting cargo or mail (other than dangerous goods)
  8. Operator’s and ground handing agent’s staff involved in the handing, storage and loading of cargo or mail and baggage
  9. Passenger handing staff
  10. Flight crew members, loadmasters, load planners and flight operations officers/flight dispatchers
  11. Crew members (other than flight crew members)
  12. Security staff who deal with the screening of passengers and crew and their baggage and cargo or mail, e.g. security screeners, their supervisors and staff involved in implementing security procedures.

IATA Registration and Examination Rules

To enroll in the course and register as an IATA student, regardless of the form of training (internally in the group or in absentia independently), you need to sign a contract with the Authorized Institute of IATA and pay tuition fees.

Examinations of IATA in Azerbaijan are held four times a year on strictly defined dates, and persons registered in the established terms are enrolled for the exam.

The cost of training includes:

  • Course of study.
  • Registration of the student in IATA.
  • Training materials in English.
  • Examinations (two attempts).
  • IATA Certificate.

Employees of  IATA Institution in NAA:

  • Mr. Jordan Karamalakov – IATA Senior Adviser
  • Mrs. Fragkiska Tsioutsiou – IATA DGR & AVSEC Instructor
  • Mr. Benjamin Nicholson – IATA DGR Inspector & Examiner
  • Mr. Ali İsa Mammadov – Consultant
  • Mrs. Durdana Ismayilova – IATA International Relations Specialist
  • Mr. Nurad Aghayev – Coordinator

İnsturctors of  IATA Institution in NAA:

  1. Mr. Mubariz Aliyev – Aviation Security Awareness
  2. Mr. Polad İsmayilov – IATA Cargo Introductory
  3. Mr. Adil Gasimov – Advanced Cargo Rating and Marketing
  4. Mrs. Sabina Mirzayeva – Cabin Crew Training
  5. Mr. Arif Eyvazov – IATA Cargo Introductory
  6. Mr. Fidel Pashayev – Aviation Security Awareness
  7. Mr. Huseyn Ahmadov – Aviation Security Awareness
  8. Mrs. Shole Nuruyeva – Aviation Security Awareness
  9. Mrs. Tamilla Jabbarova – Passenger Ground Service
  10. Mrs. Sahila Ahmadova – Supply Chain Management
  11. Mr. Anar Mirzayev – Live Animals Regulations
  12. Mr. Mushfiq Mammedov – Advanced Cargo Rating and Marketing

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