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The National Aviation Academy’s Computing Center (HM) has been operating since 2005. The main purpose of the CC is to introduce modern information technologies into the teaching process, NAA’s administrative and economic activities.

During the period of CC activity the following work has been carried out:

– A local computer network has been established that combines all NAA computers using FastEthernet network technologies and wireless Wi-Fi technologies;

– The opportunity to connect to the Internet on a separate optical channel.

– The File-Server on the local network has been put into operation to effectively exchange information with various NAA units.

– Thanks to the server created (Mail-Server), each employee of the NAA can get an individual email.

– Special auditoriums such as computer room, computer classrooms, electronic library and lingafone class have been created to test students’ knowledge. All these audiences are equipped with modern hardware and software.

– CC’s staff actively participates in technical and software work during the creation of special audiences for various specialties.

Since 2008, the NAA examinations are conducted with electronic test systems to evaluate students’ knowledge. Since 2012, a new Electronic Exam Testing System has been launched on the basis of Moodle open-source internet resources.

This test system was used to create a variety of educational tests and to test students, course trainees and employees of structural subdivisions of “AZAL” CJSC.

The exam room has modern software and servers, as well as software for organizing exams. In addition, the NAA has 15 specialized audiences equipped with computers. These rooms are equipped with modern computers and various specialties, and have unlimited, fast Internet access for students. More than 20 software programs in the learning process include: teaching, testing, electronic and mathematical modeling, CAD software, aviation computer simulators and etc.. The lingaphone class of the English language department has been completely refurbished and upgraded. This class includes more than 10 different English language teaching and testing programs.

An electronic library of more than 900 books with different electronic formats (* .pdf, * .djvu, * .doc, * .latex) has been created in the NAA electronic library. This information system acts as Web-portal. Access to this system is limited.

The main sources used in the electronic library are as follows:

– Internet resources with free access

– Electronic teaching aids and methodical aids created by teachers of NAA as well as from other aviation educational institutions

– multimedia educational programs on various types of aircraft (Boeing – 757, AirBus – 319, 320) and so on.

At present, the process of transferring full-text documents, lecture courses, new textbooks, materials, test collections to electronic carriers is ongoing. In this electronic library, data is grouped into faculties and related departments. Each department has a section that has open access to download electronic data on its teaching and methodological activities. To get information about each resource presented in the e-library, its small annotation is provided.

Most electronic publications are in * .doc, * .pdf and * .djvu formats and are equipped with a convenient navigational system. In addition, each published electronic resource is protected by copyright and they are protected from unauthorized copying by special software.

Employees of the Computing Center:

– Abdullabeyli Aftandil Abil oghlu – Head of the CC

– Barzigyar Ruslan Talib oghlu – engineer-programmer

– Dadashov Elnur Asgarali oglu -engineer-electronics

-Bagirli Huseyn Rafael oglu – technician

-Abdurahmanov Tural Ahliman oglu – Internet resource engineer-programmer

-Hajiyev Rustam Novruz oghlu – Internet resource engineer-programmer

Head of the Computing Center – Abdullabeyli Aftandil A. graduated from Azerbaijan Technical University in 1996 with a degree in “Electromechanical Engineer”. He graduated from Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction in 2003-2006 and Kiev State University of Construction and Architecture in 2007-2010, specialty: Architecture and Building Architecture. He has worked in various fields of computerization.

Contact phone: (+994 12) 497 26 00 (20-59)

E.mail: aftandil.a.a@naa.edu.az