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The role of simulators that imitate the flight, developed with the newest technology for the preparation of high-level professional flight personnel in modern times, is indispensable. It is particularly important to carry out various exercises and checks through these simulators, preparations for new type of aircrafts, and measure flight performance in special flight conditions. The pilot of the modern aircraft has to identify more than 250 specific conditions (fire, engine and fault systems, malfunctions, etc.) by recognizing signs of danger for flight, the cause of the emergence, the assessment and elimination of emerging hazards, must learn to implement in limited real-time. The opportunity to model all kinds of difficult weather conditions (smoke, lightning clouds, wind, wind slippage, turbulence, ice-covering) provides crucial flight experience especially for young pilots.

On July 8, 2008, a new phase of pilot training was launched in Azerbaijan Aviation with the signing of the contract for the purchase of three simulators. From the date of the contract, the construction of a complex for four trainers was carried out. In order to meet the requirements of the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) in the future, the construction and installation works in the building have been supervised by auditors invited from the UK .

All employees of Training Center (TC) have taken THALES training and were directly involved in the installation of the simulators . Training Center is a modern building with 4 gyms, 7 class rooms, a teacher’s room, 4 briefing and 4 debriefing rooms that meet the occupational health and safety standards. The building was completed in the third quarter of 2010.

On December 8, 2010, the Azerbaijan State Civil Aviation Authority (DMAA) certification commission issued the first certification of the A-320 aircraft simulator. After that, the pilots of the Azerbaijan Airlines began their first training flights. The ATR-72  simulator was completed on December 20, 2010. The B-767-300 aircraft simulator was put into operation on February 1, 2011. The UK Certification Commission certification  for A-320 and B-767-300 trainers were issued and certified in March 2011.

Taking into consideration that many  IL-76  aircrafts were exploited in the aviation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, it was decided to purchase the simulator. Due to the lack of a manufacturer of such simulator, it  was purchased  from Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport and in April 2011 the IL-76 trainer was commissioned.

The B-757-200 and ATR-72 aircrafts simulators were commissioned in July-September 2011 by the British Civil Aviation Authority.

The exploitation of Mi-171 (state-owned MI-17-1) helicopter in separate organizations in the Republic of Azerbaijan, absence of simulators for full imitation of flight created great difficulties in the preparation of flight crews. It was decided to purchase a classroom equipment with the highest technical capacities, a flying cabin, a debriefing system and a full simulator for the preparation of pilot and engineer crews of Mi-171 helicopters. An agreement was signed with the Scientific and Production Association “AVIA” in Ukraine for the creation of this simulator. As in the previous Trainers contracts, specific requirements for the equipment, its certification and the preparation of the specialists who are managing these systems in the future have been highlighted. All the work on the contract was timely. The simulator of the Mi-171 helicopter was brought to Baku in August 2012 and was installed jointly with NAA specialists. In September 2012 the Mi-171 trainer was certified and commissioned by Azerbaijan DMAA. All simulators are certified by EASA and Azerbaijan DMAA annually.


On the basis of the order of the Minister of Civil Aviation of the USSR No. 46 of 15.09.1964, the Azerbaijan Territorial Directorate of the Civil Air Fleet was renamed the Azerbaijan Civil Aviation Administration of the MGA USSR, which included the Baku Unified Air Squad.

According to the Order of the MGA No. 24 DSP dated 28.02.1979 from 01.06.1979. in connection with the disbandment of the Azerbaijan Civil Aviation Administration of the Ministry of Civil Aviation of the USSR, the Azerbaijan Republican Production Association of the Moscow State Agrarian University was established.

According to the order of the Ministry of Civil Aviation of the USSR No. 116 DSP dated 08.09.1980. ,on 01.01.1981 the Azerbaijan Republic Industrial Association was renamed into the Azerbaijan Civil Aviation Administration.

According to the order No. 198 of December 26, 1990 from 01.01.1991, the Azerbaijani Civil Aviation Administration was reorganized into the “Azerbaijan Airlines” concern.

-By the order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated 07.04.1992, the Concern “AZAL” was renamed into the State Concern “Azerbaijan Airlines”.

On April 16, 2008, by the Order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Closed Joint-Stock Company “Azerbaijan Hava Yollari” was created through the reorganization of the State Concern “Azerbaijan Hava Yollari”.

In August 2016, a training center for pilots was established, which includes the training of pilots and aviation specialists for civil aviation in Azerbaijan, the path of which begins at the National Aviation Academy of Azerbaijan. After the graduation from the NAA, the second stage of training for young pilots begins:  plane Cessna-172C, which makes flights at Zabrat-2 airport.

After the completion of the program of flights of this type in the amount of 150 hours or more, pilots begin to retrain to large aircraft such as Embraer-170/190, Aerobus 319/320, Boeing 757/767. All training includes a large theoretical course, simulator training and flight training in the airline with highly professional instructors. As we see this whole process takes a very laborious and large-scale work of the entire teaching crew and instructors. Very competent decision was made to create a single center for training pilots and aviation specialists at the National Aviation Academy of Azerbaijan.

Also, the Center for the Training of Pilots entered the Faculty of Advanced Training of Aviation Professionals, where pilots, flight attendants and aviation specialists increase their professional level every year.

Training at the faculty of advanced training includes CRM, HF, DG, first aid on board the aircraft, normal and emergency opening of the aircraft doors.

There is also training on emergency departure of the aircraft both on land and on water. Therefore, the entire huge training complex was integrated into the training center for civil aviation pilots of Azerbaijan.

Hence, we see great efficiency and perspective in the stage-by-stage training of aviation specialists of the Azerbaijan, by professionals with extensive experience in training .

Training of not only pilots and flight attendants, but also air traffic controllers of the Internal Affairs Directorate, ITS, GHC, aviation security specialists, is being carried out on the basis of the aviation personnel training faculty.